At 375° we use a unique process to make high quality French fries that are actually cooked three times. Our Thrice Cooked Fries make sure that these goodies remain consistently crispy and perfect every time. Every time. In fact, we care so much that we always use 100% fresh cut premium Idaho potatoes, high quality oil, and French sea salt. No Excuses. Our goal is to give 375° the reputation of having the best French Fries in NYC. Thrice cooked's the charm.

Please drop by, have a fry!


Loaded Fries

Thrice Cooked Fries topped with more awesome things. Check out new creations and secret menu items at @375fries. We don’t hold back on the good stuff, because scrimping is for chumps. Keep your nose out for our latest creations and secret menu items too.

Swedish Poutine

Meatballs & Gravy / Cheddar Cheese Curd / Lingonberry Jam / Parsley


Chile Con Queso / Black Beans / Grilled Chicken / Chipotle-Tomatillo Ketchup / Sour Cream / Pico De Gallo / Guacamole


Kewpie / Okonomi Sauce / Bonito Flakes / Nori Furikake / Pickled Ginger / Scallions

Banh Mi

Sriracha Mayo / Spicy Green Sauce / Nem Nuong Pork / Pickled Carrot & Daikon / Cilantro / Jalapeno / Egg

Fish & Chips (Special)

Beer-Battered Cod / Fried Pickles / Tartare Sauce / Lemon

Kimchi (Special)

Kimchi / Gochuchang Ketchup / Sriracha Mayo / Egg / Scallions / Cilantro / Sesame Seeds


Pickled Red Onion
Half-Sour Pickle
Pickled Hot Peppers
Potato Chips
Mexican Coke $2.50
Dr Brown's Black Cherry $2.50
Dr Brown's Cream Soda $2.50
Dr Brown's Root Beer $2.50
Bottled Water $2.00
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Our Golden Mantra

FRIED-rich Nietzche

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